Here are some healthy eating tips everyone needs to know

  • Healthy meal plans for kids

    Set a schedule

    Plan and schedule 3 meals and 2 snacks every day.

  • Increasing activity can promote healthy living

    Increase activity

    When you want your children to try something new, make sure they've first had a day of fresh air and exercise —so they're hungry at mealtime. When it's time to eat, serve just a small sample of the new food.

  • Eating schedule for kids

    Timing is everything

    Regular snacking routines can make children more likely to try new foods during scheduled mealtime because they may be hungrier than if they are allowed to snack throughout the day.

  • Fun cooking ideas for you and your child

    Shop together

    Get your children involved in the shopping process. Take them to a local farmers’ market, and let them pick out the fruits and veggies they’d like.

  • Reward your children for eating healthy

    Reward them

    Have your children try everything on their plate, but give them one free pass each week. If they don't use their pass all week long, on Sunday reward them with 10 extra minutes of playtime before bed.

  • Healthy snacks for kids

    Plan snacks

    Feeding your child at specific times each day, for both meals and snacks, will help maintain their appetite.

  • Talking to your doctor

    Know when to seek professional help

    If feeding issues persist, talk to your healthcare professional about evaluating the cause.